Finding new ways to do things faster makes life a lot easier and hustle-free. Many travelers spend the most of their time on their phone taking photos and posting them on social media channels, creating content, texting, using maps, and taking notes to keep their memories fresh. Documenting and sharing their trips through a variety of social media platforms is an integral part of their travel experience.

What many travelers don’t probably know is that there are numerous travel journal iPhone apps, which prove useful in creating a magnificent travel journal for future reference. These apps make it easy to save your beautiful travel journal and share your journey with your family and friends online.

Journo Travel Journal iPhone app

Journo Travel Journal is a new travel Journal app developed by Journo Inc. This travel Journal app is available in the App Store and is exclusive to iOS users. Using this Journal Travel Journal app replaces your traditional use of ongoing notes on your phone for destinations you visit. You can put all your photos and videos in the journal entries for reference whenever and wherever you need.

App Description

The Journo Travel Journal allows you to create stories ranging from classic journal writing to photo books and travel maps. You can use it to document a variety of your travel experiences, such as printing your journals, publishing your travel adventures online, et cetera. This app provides the requisite tools to write a fantastic story of your travel experiences.

It makes it quicker and less painful to document your experiences and memories on the go. The reason is that this flexible journal app on your iPad/ iPhone has the proper tools you need to immediately text or make some drawings, videos, and images whenever you want to document your travel adventures.

Paper journals are inconvenient; they occupy a lot of space in your pocket, writing in paper journals takes a lot of time, and there’s no way to add beautiful videos and pictures in them. You can customize the Journo Travel Journal in whichever way you want with colors, text styles and much more. It offers the flexibility and convenience to craft a perfect printed Journo, which not only treasures your memories but lets you show off to your friends, family, and guests.

The Journo site also gives you a dedicated page for publishing your Journos online for friends and the world to access it. Your friends, family, and guests do not have to download the app to view your online Journos. It is accessible even without having to download it.


1. Accessible Offline—You can use the app even without an internet connection. Once you reconnect to the internet, it securely syncs data for you. So, you don’t have to worry because you won’t lose any data.

2. Multiple trip journal creation, adding images and editing all points of interest

3. Custom-designed Travel Map—The Journo Travel Journal comprises custom-designed travel maps for viewing and tracking your route.

4. Collaborate with Friends in Shared a Journal—You can use this app with your friends to write down a shared journo of your travel experiences. It lets you keep all the funny things you do together for a better experience.

5. Journo Travel Journal enables you to capture every single moment—The app allows you to capture beautiful landscapes and sunsets and add videos and images straight into your Journo. It even makes it easy to tag your Journos exactly where you caught them.


1. Its design seems simplistic and dated, but a host of updates are underway at the moment.


The Journo Travel Journal is a useful iPhone app that makes it easy to upload your photos and document all your journeys. It suits everyone who spends so much time on their phone and is always on the go. It is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to store memories for future reference.

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