Online shopping sites grab our attention a lot and they get everything delivered at our doorstep like mobile, TV, books, shoes and a lot more. We could rely on them and they have a varied range of products at all prices to fit in our budget. One such exclusive shopping site for the people of Africa is Verkoop – click, buy / scan, sell.

The app is available for users who use iPhone or Android devices and it can be downloaded for free. Users will have to use their Google, Facebook or Email to sign in. The app operates with a unique technology that cannot be found in other apps. It uses AR (augmented reality) technology to capture any image of the product you want and later upload it. Using this, Verkoop fetches those products matching the image you click. With this, you can analyze products the way they are and make better decisions about buying or selling them.

There are three main menus in the app namely: Browse, Activities and Profile. Browse is where you can make the traditional search of the products you want to buy. The activities column keeps track of your favorite products and your other purchase activities. The profile section helps you to create your profile, logout from Verkoop when you want and also provides other app related info.

Some Notable Features of the app include:

  • The unique click, buy/scan, sell feature that lets you to save loads of time.
  • The app has varied and exclusive products like t-shirts, face creams, building materials, pens, puppies, cars, property and much more that you wouldn’t find in any other e-commerce website.
  • Verkoop also helps you to buy and sell your used products and make a live chat with the buyer/ seller and close the deal.
  • The app helps you to make reservations of tickets in hotels and flights and also local events like concerts, conference or others.
  • Verkoop helps you to apply for a loan and also get those loans pre-approved by the bank.
  • All the transactions are completely secure and the company assures that they won’t share your sensitive info with any third parties.
  • It accepts different advanced payment options and you can use your e-wallet or cash on delivery payment method.

When you start searching for stuff here, you will be amazed to see the plethora of products at best prices and offers. You will not have any trouble surfing the website as it loads seamlessly with an easy-to-use interface. Verkoop gives you the luxury of sitting at home and shopping the way you like. It is one best portal for all the Africans with undoubtedly the exclusive products in market.

Worth Having App – Download the App