I was thrilled to find the Pianist Learn Piano App on Google Play. As a pianist myself, with no access to an actual piano, I thought this app would be fun to play around with and would definitely fill my innate need for the sound of tickled ivories. The app is quite impressive, offering 128 instruments and over 50,000 songs. It’s ease of use lets allows you to play songs with little to no practice, and the built-in Piano Teacher lets you choose songs to learn to play in about a minute or so. It also offers various keyboard themes, keyboard resizing, social sharing features, and even an option to play with friends. You can also record your music and even upload midi and karaoke files for playing.


Unfortunately, there is one downfall to this app. It simply takes some getting usded to and some creative maneuvering, but it should not turn you off to actually trying the app. After all, more than eight million people have downloaded the Learn Piano app, so obviously many people have enjoyed the option to learn music right on their Android devices. And what’s more, you can learn music in your own language using this simple app. However, the minor issue has to do with the keyboard itself. At full size, you only get a partial keyboard. This is fine for songs only requiring a chords within a certain key and few extreme chord changes. The more keys you try to fit onto your screen, the smaller the keys get, until it is very difficult to use your fingers to play any music. The app is probable best for devices with large screens; however, it is still an excellent tool for learning basic piano, as well as other musical instruments.