Sure, it is what it is – a full of challenges, non-stop free slot game called Simon’s Slot. The game was designed and developed by Blue Crystal Labs, Inc. From the time it was first released, it has been downloaded and installed for more than 5000 times meaning it is becoming more popular by the day. The game is compatible with any smartphone that has Android 2.3.3 version and up installed. It can also run on a PC through the third-party Android launchers like the cross-platform launcher called Genymotion.

Simon’s Slots free Android game is ideal for both newbies and experienced players who like playing the game without the limitations of space and time while sitting in their home. The game offers a nostalgic experience that is only available when using a slot machine. Each game option comes with a bit of a twist to fit a certain game setting or challenge, unlike the normal classic slot machine games. There are easy game mechanisms for changing from one option to the other; meaning even the beginners will have an easy task navigating through it.

The rhythm slots challenge game option is ideal for those with an excellent memory. That mini-slots game involves paying attention to a group of fast moving patterns. Its main aim is to exercise your memory by spinning tiles and then matching them. If you are a first timer, then you may experience some difficulties matching the tiles but that may improve if you continue playing for a longer period. The option allows your friends to compete and see who accumulates the most fortune giving you a greater reason of why you should download it. Your scores can be easily shared on social media among other platforms allowing to show off how mentally good you are to your family and friends.

What an easy setup that allows players to win big fast!
• New and improved addicting slots machine games added regularly
• Holiday slots game option can be played during the family gatherings
• The game has a huge variety of distinct slots machine games.

Awesome perks that are unmatched include:
• Free game spins
• Free credit bonuses that are available after every 4 hours
• Consecutive and daily login bonuses that supplement the other free credits
• Ability to exchange available credits with other players and friends.

Its amazing features include:
• Auto-play features that negate the importance of pressing the spin button.
• Supports many pay lines
• Supports multiple shapes like the famous cherry
• Supports scatter symbols that allow you to earn more free spins
• Supports spin tall wilds
• It is free of charge
• Supports transfer of goodies to other players and friends
• Supports mega payouts
• Requires no internet to work
• It has top-tier graphics

What is new in the current version?
• New Zen Mode that allows you to play with or without increasing difficulty
• Improved performance
• More bug fixes
• More achievements
• Improved and better balance
• New better machine referred to as the Sherlock’s Search
• New improved lobby
• Bigger daily bonuses


Bottom line
The Simon Slot: Mega Rhythm Lines game offers undisputed game experience without emptying your pocket. By supporting a lower Android versions, it ensures that almost anyone in the world with an Android-powered smartphone can download it and use it. Want to know more? Test it yourself!

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